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Various wafflings of my deranged and curious mental processes shall be expounded upon here. Or something like that anyway, the reality is probably far less interesting. At present a somewhat disorganised collection of links and notes, which will no doubt be tidied up and improved upon at the same time as the rest of the site (Hark! what is that, in the distance! I do declare it is an airborne creature of a porcine nature!).

World Building and Magic Systems

I seem to have recently (or not so recently, to be honest) developed the somewhat distressing habit of inventing fantasy worlds and magic systems on a semi-regular basis. Unfortunately I very rarely develop these very far, which seems to be something of a shame. They also have a tendency to float around inside my head, which I'm sure is using up space which could more productively be spent on studying and the like. Still, it's an amusing passtime. Now and then I suffer from a fit of delusions about my writing skills and try and turn them into novels. This rarely lasts long, thankfully.

Still, I try to get at least some details down onto paper (or screen) when these ideas show up, and the more intelligeble ones show up here. I hope they are found interesting, or at least not too dire.

World-building (often with a Magic system attached)

Memories of Magic
An RPG setting, which I will most likely never run, but hey... Heavily magic-based world with a structured university system for the teaching of magic and so on. Magic itself is fairly ritualistic, and partly 'remembered' from a shared heratige of ancestral memories - hence the title.
Islands of Mist and Void
A MMORPG setting, which was based around a desire to come up with a world that didn't require huge suspension of disbelief in order to allow for game mechanics such as separated zones, respawning, recurring monsters and the like. The magic system is interwoven heavily with the structure of the world.
Magic/Industrial revolutions
A longstanding and very vague concept of two parallel countries, one going through a normal industrial evolution of society (vis real world history), and the other going through a close magical equivalent (leading to magical parallels of the industrial revolution and the like). Never really got developed further, but oh well.
The Face Behind the Gods
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". A world built around this principle, in which the machines have decided that the easiest way to fulfil their own agenda (which is probably "safeguard mankind", but might not be) is to set up a false religeon and magic system, powered entirely by super-advanced technology (nano-scale implants and neural interfaces, global surveilance, holographic projectors et al). No idea what it'd actually get used for, but it sounded like a cool idea at the time.

Magic Systems

Magic of Blood and Angels
A blood-magic system involving offerings to somewhat mindless spirits, which then perform the spellcaster's bidding in return for the blood sacrifice. Writing it up ended up giving me a blatant story to write as well, which I'm currently in the process of mangling in my own unique style.
Doorways of the Soul
I actually have a writeup of this one! No specific world attached to the magic system, though I suffer from a very strong urge to draw medieval-anatomy-textbook-style illustrations for it, with little arrows indicating the right place on the body to draw each sigil. Fortunately, I know how bad I am at drawing even semi-realistic human figures, and so haven't gotten very far.
Quantum Magic
An attempt to formulate a magic system which, as far as possible, adheres to the regular laws of physics after a few assumptions have been made. At present my notes on it consists of some IRC logs, which I really need to tidy up soon.
Sword-based magic
Really undefined, but sooner or later I'll get bored of the others and flesh this one out a bit more.