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The Flying Kitten

Herewith is found the personal homepages of me, Duncan, purveyor of pixie sticks to the masses. At some point in time I may replace this random waffling with something more pertinent (or possibly just pretentious). In the meantime, this is what I managed to type out at the point in my geek-fu at which I realised I needed some content for this site that wasn't just 20 lines of copy/pasted "text text text".

For now, I shall use it to answer such random and irrelevant questions such as "what is this site anyway?" and "what's a flying kitten?". To answer the first: this site will become, in the fullness of time, a repository for such gems of wisdom as I produce, a hand-coded (and very clever) gallery system, and a link to my Livejournal. So far it contains one and a half out of the three, which will have to do for now. The webpage title comes from (as anyone who peruses my LJ usericon page may have noted) my twin appreciation of cute kittens and angels. Hence the "angel cat" in the site graphics, and the title. Besides, it sounded cute.

Having sadly exhausted my capacity for waffle for now, this page will come to an abrupt finish shortly. In the meantime, enjoy what little is currently present on the site, and hope for some updates in the near future. You can also delight yourselves (or scare small children) with a photo of me from Jesus College May Ball 2003.

-- DuncanNeko